Affordable city centre space for non profit-making organisations.

Could you be our new Trustee? We’re looking for people who are positive, enthusiastic, collaborative and willing to do things differently. For more information, read our Trustee Information Pack here.

Northern Creative Solutions was established in April 2013 as a non profit-making organisation. The company is currently in the process of reconstituting as a registered charity. NCS was founded specifically to develop opportunities for other non profit making projects and organisations to access affordable space in Newcastle city centre and to enhance relationships between the arts and the third sector.

NCS is working in partnership with Blackbox Projects with the intent of securing a five year lease on Broadacre House, a six storey office building situated on Market Street, NE1. This will provide office, activity and shared spaces on a rent free basis. Residents will pay a service charge that will cover the costs of keeping the building staffed, safe and warm.

Do you want to make Broadacre House your home?

Broadacre House, a new community and creative hub in Newcastle city centre, is opening soon. The building provides affordable office and bookable space for charities, voluntary and community organisations and social enterprises especially those that tackle poverty and inequality and work with people most in need. It also has a strong creative thread and is open to community artists and art organisations too. Broadacre House is in its development phase now (September and October) and the team expects the building to be fully activated in November 2014. If you’re interested in making Broadacre House your home have a look at our information pack, fill in the proposal form and book a tour to look round. We have building tours every Wednesday at 1.00pm and 3.30pm. Contact Anne to book a tour by email or ring 0191 222 0146. If you're busy on Wednesdays, contact Anne to book a different day and time.

The Broadacre House project is underpinned by two fundamental beliefs;

  • That the current economic situation, with its inevitable effect on available funding for all non profit-making organisations and projects, requires new collaborative partnerships to be established in order to protect essential support for key communities.
  • That initiatives which embed a creative approach at the heart of project development are best equipped to make the most of limited resources.